BladeScalper MetaSignalsPro


What for?

The most predictable patterns you will find are the “Double Tops” and “Double Bottoms”, often referred to as “M” and “W” because the letter explicitly indicates these movements.

The BladeSCALPER is a collection of new ideas to make their scalping easier and simpler.

  • With ScalpUP / ScalpDOWN Signals© – you get a signal of the next likely move
  • With the PowerZONE© – immediately get the zone where the price is likely to be headed
  • With the RewardBOX © – set TP1/TP2/TP3 in accordance with the PowerZONES
  • With the StatsPANEL© – check the gain rate of the M / W patterns over a period of time
  • With the MovingAverageFilter© – maximize the chance of success of M & W patterns
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