Hit & Run Trading Bootcamp 2020

$267.00 $49.00

“Hit & Run Trading” was specifically designed to capture moves in market conditions that typically have short chaotic bursts of up to 50 pips in price up or down.
This happens about 80% of the time.
The other 20% of the time there will be trends. The problem with most strategies taught is that they are designed for trend trading. Now I have nothing against trend trading but… I think it leaves a lot of potential opportunities in the table.
Think about this… Does it make sense to focus on market conditions that only occur 20% of the time?
On top of that clear trends are rarely clear without the benefit of hindsight. If we could trade with this “Super Power”, becoming a trading millionaire would be a piece of cake!
So the question I often get is… “The strategy was taught in 2019 but how about in 2020?”
The short answer is better. This is because there is more volatility which means more price movement which can make it easier to lock in bigger trades than in 2019.
Anyway, the workshop replay videos are available and can help give you a new edge in 2020 markets.