Ilan Dynamic Pro EA

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The present Expert Advisor is predicated on the “Ilan Dynamic Pro EA” which is widely employed by the massive number of traders and thus deserves increased attention from professional developers producing lots of advisor’s modifications. There are many variations of this advisor, each having its own pros and cons, but all these modifications are united by a common position averaging algorithm that is used to close a series of unidirectional orders at the entire Take Profit level. I have created a modification of the EA with the entire code written from scratch and therefore the analytical unit completely redesigned. Now Expert Advisor stands 100% up to its name because it has most parameters dynamically variable counting on things on the active chart. Dynamically adjustable parameters allow obtaining sufficiently stable operation with different instruments even with the default settings with no initial optimization. At an equivalent time, all important parameters are available for optimization and fine-tuning for a selected instrument and trading conditions. In this “Ilan Dynamic Pro EA” modification I even have tried to bring my very own vision of an effective averaging algorithm, implementing the thought led by a few years of professional MT4 development experience and my own vision of the Forex market.

Operation Modes

Depending on the signal, the EA can open positions in two directions – buy and sell. If necessary, the Expert Advisor are often customized to figure in just one direction.

The volume of the initial order is automatically calculated when the proportional calculation function is enabled. If the price moves against the position, and averaging order is automatically placed. The averaging algorithm is often flexibly adjusted by special input parameters. If necessary, the algorithm of proportional volume calculation is often disabled within the EA’s input parameters. In this case, the Advisor will always start a series with the quantity laid out in the input parameters.