Profitable Scalping MT4


his Profitable Scalping is a Scalping MT4 EA specially designed to trade on GBPCAD and GBPAUD pairs. This article provides an objective overview of the Scalping EA, detailing its functionalities, operating conditions, and installation process.

Key Features of the Scalping MT4 EA
Compound Interest with Scalping Techniques: The Scalping MT4 EA combines the power of compound interest with scalping techniques, aiming to maximize profits over time while engaging in frequent, small trades.
Dynamic Stop Loss (SL): The system adjusts the SL based on current market volatility, providing a balance between risk management and profit potential.
Auto-lot and Fixed Lot Options: Users can opt for automatic lot sizing based on predefined risk parameters or set a fixed lot size according to their trading strategy.
Trade Entry Sensitivity Adjustment: The EA offers an adjustable ‘Trade Entry Sensitivity’ parameter, allowing traders to fine-tune the system’s responsiveness to market movements.
No Weekend Gaps: The system avoids the risks associated with weekend gaps by not holding positions over the weekend.
Precise Operating Time Filter: Trades are executed within a specific time window, from the end of the US trading session to the middle of the Asia session, ensuring that the Profitable Scalping EA operates during potentially profitable hours.
BreakEven Functionality: The BreakEven feature safeguards profits by adjusting the SL to the entry point once a certain profit level is reached.
Recommended Currency Pairs: The most recommended pairs for this system are GBPCAD and GBPAUD. Corresponding setting files are provided to optimize the system’s performance with these pairs.
Risk Management: The system steers clear of high-risk strategies like the martingale or grid trading. Each trade comes with its SL, ensuring protection for the trading account.