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SPARTA EA – [Cost $320] – for free of charge

SPARTA Advisor may be a program written to automate trading. the most task of any advisor robot is to simplify the decision-making process , up to its full automation, that is, the cartoon currency robot may be a program that’s ready to automatically open and shut transactions on FOREX. Such a robot is connected to the trading terminal and may trade for you automatically consistent with the required settings. you only need to follow his work and make a profit.
SPARTA may be a unique algorithm that uses three strategies for opening positions for profit, also as an averaging method to catch up on loss-making transactions. The adviser is fully automated, doesn’t require human intervention! The transaction opening algorithm is meant in order that transactions can’t be opened in one direction for all three strategies for one trading instrument (currency pair), which successively maintains a better level of margin collateral and makes a profit just in case of drawdowns. The EA is multicurrency and may work on several currency pairs and with different settings.