Supply and Demand Order Blocks


The “Supply and Demand Order Blocks” indicator is a sophisticated tool based on Smart Money Concepts, fundamental to forex technical analysis. It focuses on identifying supply and demand zones, crucial areas where institutional traders leave significant footprints. The supply zone, indicating sell orders, and the demand zone, indicating buy orders, help traders anticipate potential reversals or slowdowns in price movements. This indicator employs a clever algorithm, combining Breakout of Structure (BoS) and Fair Value Gap (FVG) components. BoS detects market disruptions, pinpointing potential order blocks, while FVG considers fair value gaps to enhance precision. The tool provides a visual representation of these conditions, aiding traders in decision-making by highlighting potential order blocks and offering insights into market dynamics and turning points. Its user-friendly design makes it accessible to traders with various technical expertise levels, offering a comprehensive solution for advanced analysis.