Support and Resistance Levels Finder


The Support and Resistance Levels Finder is an advanced tool designed to enhance technical analysis in trading. Featuring dynamic support and resistance levels, it adapts in real-time as new key points unfold on the chart, providing a dynamic and responsive analysis. Its unique multi-timeframe capability allows users to display support and resistance levels from different timeframes on any desired timeframe, offering a nuanced perspective, such as showing daily levels on a five-minute chart. Utilizing a smart algorithm that incorporates historical data sets it apart from other S&R indicators, ensuring a comprehensive analysis. The tool employs multi-parameter calculations when detecting levels, contributing to its accuracy. Users can customize the colors of support and resistance levels individually, creating a personalized visual experience. The tool also includes alert features to notify traders when the price is approaching crucial levels, enhancing timely decision-making. With convenient functionalities like a hide and show button, as well as a hotkey for quick toggling of levels’ visibility, the Support and Resistance Levels Finder provides a versatile and user-friendly solution for traders seeking precision and flexibility in their technical analysis.