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ULTRON LITE EA – [Cost $299] – For FREE

ULTRON LITE EA is a day trader EA based on 4 MA with different periods. it’s very unique from other expert advisors because it uses a strategy called Anti Martingale. The strategy this ea uses similar to the opposite of martingale. if it’s already profit, this EA will increase the number of Lot, if the result is minus EA it will reduce the lot number.

EA uses stop loss and take profit every trade, and it uses trailing stop loss. ULTRON LITE EA Mainly trade between NewYork session and London session, therefore, its essential to make sure time settings are configured correctly according to your broker time

ULTRON LITE EA Generate profit in long term mainly because of its a day trader ea. EA logic is very simple but it can generate excellent and stable profits. So it can go without taking any trades for some time. It does require good patience & discipline Ultron_lite