What is a VPS?

A VPS, also known as a Virtual Private Server, is a computer that is hosted for you remotely, and you can access it anytime from almost anywhere, from almost any internet enabled device. Usually with Forex and Crypto trading we use a Windows based VPS.

And when you connect to it, it’s like using it as your own computer. But it will run even if you have no internet or lose power. Allowing you to run your trading software around the clock. It also works for MAC users as well.

Why use a VPS?

A computer at home has certain risks. You can have a power outage or internet connection interruption. And when this occurs your trading software can disconnect or turn off causing you to miss trades or miss proper management of certain trades.

You also use your computer for everyday use, which can slow it down and slow down your software as a result. To avoid these issues many traders use a VPS. A reliable VPS host will offer 99.9% up-time and have built in redundancies, just in case something goes wrong, to keep your systems running properly.

Since it’s dedicated to ONLY trading, you know it’s going to be efficient and fast. This also helps you possibly make more money because the connection to the broker is faster and more reliable.

Finally, having the ability to connect to the VPS from almost anywhere and any device, gives you the ability to make adjustments and check on your trading account on the go – quickly and efficiently.

Is a VPS Expensive?

The pricing for a VPS varies based on speed, memory, and location. You can spend as little as $10 per month or $200 per month.

Fortunately, for trading you won’t need to spend that much. Typically, a $20 to $40 per month VPS package is more than adequate to manage your trading systems and broker platforms.

The only time you really need to spend more is if you are running dozens and dozens of trading systems on multiple broker platforms.

Do I Need A VPS?

No, you do not have to use a VPS to trade automated systems. You can simply run any system from your home computer. But as mentioned in the answers above, there are many beneficial reasons to use a VPS.

Another reason you might not need a VPS is if you are using a manual trading system where you manually operate the trades from your own computer, and manage them.

Are all VPS the same?

Not all VPS are the same. There are different locations, different security levels, different levels of reliability, different response times for support, and so much more. There are many VPS you can choose from.

Fortunately, over the years we’ve worked with a quite a few and can save you time and headache figuring it out yourself, by choosing one of our recommended in the next section.

What VPS do we recommend?

At this time we can recommend 2 VPS services. We will describe why we chose them and a link for you to check them out. Make sure you choose Windows for the operating system of whichever VPS you sign up for.

Commercial Network Services
Our first choice is Commercial Network Services. You can click the image below or the link to go to their website:

Click Here for Access to CNS VPS Hosting

Commercial Network Services: These guys get 5 stars all around. If speed, reliability, and most importantly security are your primary concern this is the best choice.

They offer some of the best security and support of all VPS we’ve ever worked with. You have the ability to do 2 step authentication if you wish, which means you use your phone to validate your login each time, preventing unauthorized users.

In terms of support, they respond quickly, with speedy hosting and reliable well maintained software and servers.