Forex Bulls GBPUSD


No Martingale ,No HFT ,NO Grid

one Shoot Trader ( Make sure Active Indicator)

unique strategy where it continuously splits a single trade into seven smaller trades. This means that each time the EA executes a trade, it automatically divides it into seven smaller positions.

Forex Bulls GBP USD stands out from other expert advisors due to its remarkable approach to handling losing trades. Unlike traditional methods that solely rely on Stop Loss orders to limit losses, Forex Bulls GBP USD EA employs a sophisticated technique to manage losing positions effectively.When faced with a losing seven trades batch, instead of closing them immediately, Forex Bulls GBPUSD EA divides the next position into seven smaller ones. It then strategically uses the profits from winning trades to gradually close the losing positions, one by one, until all of them are successfully discarded.

This unique strategy allows EA to optimize its risk management, minimize losses, and potentially turn losing trades into profitable ones. By harnessing the power of multiple smaller positions and profit redistribution, it demonstrates a higher level of adaptability and resilience in challenging market conditions.