Full Fractals


The Fractals Indicator is one of the elements of the author’s trading strategy of Bill Williams. It is used to search for price reversal points on the price chart and, consequently, support and resistance levels.

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The Full Fractals Indicator is an improved Fractals which is available in the toolkit of almost all trading terminals. Its only difference is that to build a fractal we use 5 candles to the left and 2 to the right of the main candle (see Figure 1). In addition to the basic constructions, Full Fractals looks for levels where the price has stopped for some time.

What the Full Fractals indicator shows.
Fractals are displayed on the price chart as up and down arrows on a key candle. Based on these points you can freely build support and resistance levels.
The indicator draws levels on the chart in the place where there were several fractals approximately at the same level. These levels are strong levels that can be freely traded for a bounce or a breakout and retest of the same level (see Figure 3).
As in Bill Williams’ strategy, the Full Fractals Indicator cannot be a full-fledged trading system but as a basis or in addition to other indicators you can develop a full-fledged trading strategy.