Shuttle Runner


The swing strategy is the basis of the Shuttle Runner Expert Advisor. The strategy was described as far back as 2009 and is actively used by traders in the Forex market. Shuttle runner is a revised and improved version of this strategy

The basic gist of the strategy is this:
This advisor should be traded only during active market phases. And we know that the market is active during the European and American trading sessions (you can also take the Asian, but the prerequisite is the presence of important economic news). So before launching the Expert Advisor, we necessarily look at the economic calendar and check the availability of important news in the country, whose currency we are going to trade. If there is news, we can start the Expert Advisor 1-2 hours before the news.
You can use pending orders to start, although if there is news that will move the market 100%, you can also enter at the market price (adjustable by the Start Trade parameter).
After the first order is opened, we immediately place an opposite order at a distance of 20-30 points from the initial order, with a lot 2.3-3 times larger than the lot of the first order. This is necessary to cover the loss of the first order, if the price turns in the opposite direction.
Further, if the price turns and hooks the pending order, we place one more order in the opposite direction. We also increase the lot of this order by 2.3-3 times. If the price moves in a small channel of 30-40 points, we will do the same.
Stops and Profits of orders are placed 15-30 points from the edges of the channel, so that all orders of one channel are closed simultaneously. If TakeProfit is triggered, the remaining orders of this channel are deleted.
The Shuttle Runner Expert Advisor can run several channels at the same time to make more profits with this strategy. It is important that they do not overlap in price.
As a result, we get a pattern where no matter which way the price goes, we will still take profit. The main thing is that the market does not stay in this channel for a long time and does not touch the border of this channel too many times. Since we will trade only in the active market stages, we can be sure that the market will move in any direction.