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GAP and TRAIL EA – [Cost $200]- For FREE

GAP and TRAIL EA Effective trading on a live account. The effect of closing the price gap (gap) is used. A trailing stop of open positions reduces risk. A minimum deposit of $ 10.

Features of the trading strategy

After weekends or holidays, gaps often appear on the market (gaps in price charts). According to statistics, most gaps close (the price returns to the start of the gap). The trading strategy implemented by this robot is predicated on this regularity. At the time of the gap, the robot opens the position within the direction of its closure. For each transaction, individual goals are calculated counting on the characteristics of the market. Open positions are accompanied by a robot. In the process of price movement, a trailing stop is performed on the extremes of the formed candles, which significantly reduces trading risks.

The robot has all the protections that allow it to figure successfully in adverse conditions on a true account. Also, flexible money management adapts transactions for the accumulated volumes and allows you to reinvest the funds received. All this makes the work of the robot as safe and efficient as possible.

On major currency pairs, gaps occur relatively rarely, usually after weekends or holidays. Therefore, the robot opens transactions infrequently (2-4 per month). However, transactions are very accurate and open with increased volume, providing a given high trading efficiency.