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ProfitLocker EA – [Cost 130$] – For FREE

RobotFor.Trade company finally decided to open its secret development ProfitLocker EA – the foremost stable trade expert for earnings within the forex automatically, and make it available to people that have decided to urge serious earnings on forex and begin really getting the important income from trading.

Automated Trading System (ATS) ” ProfitLocker ” – may be a unique professional tool for preparing a stable, ever-growing profit. This makes it a replacement generation of trading algorithms previously used or published on any Internet resource – is that the author’s development of leading experts RobotFor.Trade.

“ProfitLocker” trades in fully automatic mode – the system opens, accompanies and closes the deal. Just automatically change various internal settings: they will vary on different currency pairs and in several states of the market (the trend, the flat, gaps, jumps in prices and news, etc..). The system will fully adapt to the market.

“ProfitLocker” compares favorably with other trading systems to their unusual approach to trading. There don’t apply the standard strategies, like technical, candle, shaped or fundamental analysis – and this is often the essence of a replacement generation of trading systems from the corporate RobotFor.Trade.

Trade, during this case, is sort of different – away from more lucrative and reliable. “ProfitLocker” drives the worth into the trap of gradually build up from its transactions, opened for a secure and profitable strategy. Wherever there was the worth, it is, in any case, falls into the castle, which is triggered when the whole series of transactions closed with profit. Those. Trade with each built a situation during which there’s a 100% profit.

The strategy inherent in the “ProfitLocker” implies the opening of a series of transactions with an increasing lot, but it doesn’t use the Martingale principle and to not use its variants. it’s a secure strategy, since each lock within the deal (blocked) transaction within the other way. Therefore, increasing lots negate one another, greatly reducing sagging and also significantly increasing profit.

High profitability and exceptional reliability confirm the report with a true trading account:

The period from 2 January 2018 to 25 September 2018. Broker Forex4you. Minimum deposit 1000 USD (US dollars), the balance on the date of the report is saved 15139 USD. Net income for the first 9 months of incomplete: 14139 USD and 1413.9% of the deposit. The average profit of 1571 USD and 157.1% of the deposit in a month!

This high profitability is real, there is nothing extraordinary: a professional trading system that can actually work in a permanent income, plus the right money management, doing their job.

So can earn anyone who wants to take everything into their own hands and start making money.

In this case, we used the following money management: every 2-3 weeks, on Mondays, lead 30% of the profits earned over the period, while the remaining funds were reinvested. Thus there is a steady increase in the balance and thus increasing the number of currency pairs, in which the system works (and it is also a great risk diversification), and increases in the volume (lot) of transactions that led to this avalanche increase profits.

In a detailed illustrated instructions that are included with the system described three trading strategies and money management for different purposes a monthly profit ( 15%, 30%, and by 40-50% per month ), which operates “ProfitLocker” and recommendations on the use of, for example, describes the most profitable currency pairs. Also, in the instructions, the installation process in the MetaTrader 4 trading platform is described in detail, so that even the most novice traders can easily install the system and have a few minutes after its purchase will receive its first profit in the same way as the real professionals of forex trading.

The system starts to work and make a profit out of the box on the chart of the currency pair. It is automatically configured and requires no testing, optimization, and time-wasting for “running” on a demo account. Quickly pays for itself and delights robust stability of their work. And you can start trading with a deposit of just $ 10.